Evergreen Fog – S.W. Color of the Year 2022 – 4 Ways

Every year I look forward to what Sherwin Williams will announce as the color of the year.

2022 is bringing a beautiful dusty green. It’s amazing how one color can translate in so many different ways.

A color is represented greatly by the amount it is used in a space. It can be the dominant color on all 4 walls, or an accent color on a single wall, or a subtle touch in throw pillows.

Color is also so versatile that it can tell any story you want it to.

Combine Evergreen Fog with soft colors, velvety textures and crystal fixtures for a beautiful traditional space.

Allow deeper high contrast colors and metal and wood elements to bring an industrial feel.

Sleek lines, minimal decor and tone-on-tone accents allow for a modern application.

Pair Evergreen Fog with some earthy colors and a light wood for a transitional vibe.

That’s the beauty of design. When done right one element can be transformed in countless ways.

My entry is due for a refresh…I’m thinking Evergreen Fog will go beautifully with my existing white, gold and bronze tones, and compliment the emerald touches in the living room and dining room.

What about you? Will you be bringing 2022’s color of the year into your space? In what way?

Want a designer’s opinion on if or how to use Evergreen Fog? Share a photo and I’ll give you my thoughts!

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