Getting Started

So – you have a project in mind.  Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you have no idea other than for it to be better than it currently is.  Either way we start at the same place.

Discovery call…

Email me to set up a 15 minute Discovery Call.  We will discuss your project briefly; including the ideal time frame and budget.  I will let you know the general options for design services and if desired we will set up a Meet & Greet appointment.

Tip:  Send me photos of the space(s) prior to the discovery call.

Meet & Greet…

This is a 60-90 minute meeting where we have a walkthrough of what you would like to do and I will offer feedback and ideas. I will take photos and a few general measurements so that I have a full understanding of the scope of the project and within 3-5 days I will provide you with a customized quote for design services.

Tip:  Have a list of priorities and a good idea of the overall budget of the project.


Upon receiving your quote for design services, if you would like to move forward we will then discuss scheduling.  Many factors are taken into account in determining a start date.  First is the designer’s availability, then contractor availability, coordination with client’s availability as well as product lead times.  Once this is determined, a letter of agreement will be signed, and deposit taken to reserve your project in my schedule.

Tip:  Be prepared for a start date 3-6 months from initial consultation, with construction starting 8-12 weeks later.  The time passes quicker than you think!

And that is all it takes to get started! 

See upcoming posts about what to expect in the remodeling process.

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